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Berl-Who? Berlew’s Mission Told Through Branding

Berlew is a creative agency nestled in the heart of Nottingham city centre. We are equipped with knowledge of all things ‘design’, empowering us to create brand strategies, identities, logo suites and effective websites. Our mission is to harness the power of design to generate customers for our customers.

Here’s a brief breakdown of our branding and how we exercised design to convey our intended message.


Employing colour psychology, we created our perfect colour palette.

Dark green to represent growth, a reflection of our mission statement. Orange to symbolise creativity and encompass the nature of our business. Cream to communicate reliability. Blue to invoke inspiration, which is why we used it for our ‘call to action’ buttons.


Our ‘swirly’ pattern reinforces the notion of growth and our intention of growing your customer database, as outlined in our mission statement.


As a creative agency we wanted to convey ‘design’ in what is likely the first touchpoint you will see of our business, which is our logo. Incorporated into our logo is a fountain pen icon to reflect our full offering of design services from branding and web design to writing brand strategy. A simple but effective design that is digestible, memorable and conveys our product offering.

Berlew is a creative agency who is passionate about their designs.

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