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Graphic Design

At Berlew Studio, we go beyond aesthetics, prioritizing functionality and effectiveness in every design project. With our dedication to excellence and a proven track record of delivering exceptional results, trust us to be your partner in achieving your graphic design objectives.
Graphic Design

Website Design

Let us be your partner in transforming your online presence into a powerful asset that drives growth and engagement. We are dedicated to crafting custom solutions tailored to your unique business needs, empowering you to stand out in the digital landscape.
Website Design


We recommend that you have a solid brand strategy in place before the creation of your visual identity, that way we can ensure it resonates with your target consumer and make you stand out in your market. Berlew also offers web design, as an activation point for your branding which is often a point of sale.

Brand Strategy

Brand strategy consists of tone of voice, brand personality, brand values, messaging, storytelling, mission and vision. Your brand identity is made up of tangible assets and is essentially a way to externalise your brand strategy. That’s why it’s recommended clients opt to receive both brand strategy and brand identity at one time, to create a harmonious brand.
Brand Strategy

What we do

Our full service offering means we can establish your brand and activate it across both print and digital channels fundamentally allowing you to reach your target audience and convey your brand message as intended. Our services are essential in creating a unique and memorable brand that will function to strengthen and grow your business.

No matter the size of your business or the project you’re undertaking, we can help. From defining your strategy to design and brand management. We don’t only offer a full service, we can break it down as well. Catering our services to fit within your project scope and budget.

Whether you need a full end to end branding service or simply a singular poster for your local quiz night, we can help. We make it a point to ensure every client is thrilled with the outcome and our continued support on every project we take on.

Website Design


Your website is user-focussed with visual design that is aesthetically pleasing to your target audience (UI), whilst ensuring an effective interactive design that is smooth and easy to navigate (UX).

No templates

We don’t use templates. We create custom websites that are structured in a way that is most effective for your business and will assist you in increasing customer conversions.

Responsive design

Your website will be responsive to all device types. Web pages will adapt their layout so that they’re suited for desktop, tablet or mobile, ensuring optimal usability.

Ongoing support

Your business is likely to make frequent changes to its website, whether it’s uploading blog posts, listing products or adding a web page. That’s why Berlew provides a high level of monthly support, so that your website can undergo necessary maintenance without compromising usability or aesthetic. We want you to enjoy the perks of a custom website, hassle-free.


Visual identity

Your visual identity is the collection of your visual assets and externalises your core values. These assets make your brand recognisable and memorable to consumers.

Brand guidelines

Brand guidelines, document your internal and external elements. This is essentially a ‘set of rules’ for your brand to follow to ensure consistency across platforms and applications.

Brand activation

Brand activation involves launching your brand by applying your brand guidelines to digital and print touchpoints. This increases awareness and engagement, and builds a loyal customer database.


Guardianship is a form of continued guidance following the completion of your branding. We are available to assist you in maintaining the quality of your branding to additional applications, helping you to maintain a consistent presence.

Brand Strategy


Articulate your value proposition in a clear and concise way. It is important that you are consistent with your messaging across channels to aid brand recognition and improve brand perception.

Tone of voice

Tone of voice is how you choose to speak with your audience, and is comprised of writing style and language choices. These choices can convey emotion and help consumers to identify and connect with your brand.

Brand values

Your brand values are the fundamental beliefs that your business stands for. They are integrated throughout your brand, can be a part of your USP and build customer loyalty.


This is a way for you to communicate with your customers in a way that engages. It can form authentic and meaningful relationships.

Graphic Design


We can design any physical documents that you may need including, but not limited to, brochures, billboards, posters and business cards. Whether or not your branding was designed by us, we can apply your brand guidelines to any documents to ensure new branded documents are consistent with existing assets. Even if you require a one-off document for personal use, we’re here to help.


We can create electronic business cards for your employees, in addition to brochures, posters, social content, or campaigns, among other assets. Benefits of using a design agency to create these assets is that we consider hierarchy and layout to ensure legibility, and use the correct colour gamut to ascertain vibrant and accurate palettes. Dependent on intended use, we export to different file formats to ensure designs are of their highest quality.


We are available to help with all design needs, whether you require a consult to provide feedback on existing designs or employee training on how to set up internal documents. Design tips and guidance at your finger tips.

Design retainer

Guarantee that your business design needs are met. Set up a monthly design retainer and we can guarantee that time will be dedicated to your brand each month, whether it be for updating documents or creating a full campaign. It’s assurance that if you need our expertise, we’re available.


The foundation

The backbone of any successful brand starts with its strategy, knowing who you are, who your customers are and the story you want to tell them is a critical first step. Strategy is your branding battle plan.


design to intrigue

Creating interest around who you are and what you provide starts with that first visual impression. Our branding services create lasting visual identities that tell your story in the way it should be told.


websites that engage

Brand activation is a broad term to describe all of the ways that your brand interacts with its audience. At the heart of that activation is your website – a hub from which you can advertise and market your brand.

What are the benefits of branding?


Branding creates a distinct identity for your business, which can increase credibility, improve brand recognition and promote recommendations. If unique and tailored to your business, branding can help you to stand out in your market and build loyalty. Branding ensures that your internal and external assets align and guarantees a consistent identity across activation points. This allows customers to easily find and recognise you on different platforms and marketing applications.

Why do I need a brand instead of just a logo?


We are highly passionate about the power of a brand over just a logo. Your brand consists of both tangible and intangible elements. It is important that together these amount to a distinct brand identity. Intangible elements are inclusive of your values, tone of voice and personality, and tangible elements include a logo suite, colour palette, typography and imagery. Creating brand guidelines with these elements ensures that you have a consistent presence across different applications and platforms, such as marketing materials, your website and social media platforms. Having a consistent presence across these activation points builds trust and credibility and furthers brand recognition and customer loyalty.

What does a branding agency do?


A branding agency takes a holistic approach to your business’s brand. An agency has the skills and expertise to create all necessary components of your brand, inclusive of brand strategy, identity, logo suite, and web design, to achieve a cohesive brand. They ensure that all internal and external assets align to create a strong brand identity that will increase brand recognition. An agency works with you to transform ideas into realised assets that are suited to your market and audience. They instil confidence in brand application by ensuring that there is a brand asset suited to every activation point. Additionally, they can explain design fundamentals, for example, scenarios in which you should use a logo icon over a wordmark. Moreover, you can feel assured that you will receive optimal document resolutions and ratios for printed or digital work.

Can I get a brand and website within my budget?


Yes. We tailor our services to fit within your budget. We are excited about all projects that hit our inbox, whether it’s branding for a passion project, website activation for a small start-up, or a rebrand for a well-established business. Talk us through your project/business and what you hope to achieve and we can discuss and agree on which services you require. Drop us a message by hitting ‘work with us’ and we’ll be in touch to discuss your design endeavour and the associated costs.

How important is a website?


Your website is a point of sale and promotes customer conversions. Benefits of a website include improved credibility, increased brand awareness, and a way for you to communicate your values and products to your audience. Also, it is noteworthy that most people prefer to shop online, so with websites accessible to consumers 24 hours per day, websites can be significant for business success.

How involved am I in the creation and running of my website?


We understand that a website can be daunting, but fear not! Our expertise and experience mean we can take it off your plate. However, your involvement is paramount throughout the process. From the initial brief to the design phase and beyond, we value your input and collaboration. Your unique insights and preferences shape the direction of your website, ensuring it reflects your brand identity and goals. Even after your website is launched, we provide you with the tools and support necessary to manage and update your website, empowering you to stay connected with your online presence. Rest assured, we’re here to exceed your expectations and ensure your website evolves with your business.