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Choux Bun Appétit


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Owner Josh, a seasoned pastry chef with a notable career, envisioned a patisserie in the Cotswolds that would not only showcase his expertise but also set the stage for future growth. So we revitalised his brand identity, infusing a fresh and professional aesthetic that aligns seamlessly with his commitment to flavour and quality. The new brand, marked by a clever fusion of the letters U and O, captures the essence of a choux bun and reflects the culmination of Josh's culinary journey. From the visual identity to the transparent pastry-making at the Five Valleys Shopping Centre, the brand now embodies pride and authenticity, inviting patrons to savour a delightful blend of passion and French flair at Choux Bun Appétit.
Choux Bun Appetit logo embossed on card
"Collaborating with Berlew they translated my preferences into a visually stunning brand identity, demonstrating an incredible responsiveness to my feedback. What stood out was Berlew's swift ability to adapt, turning ideas into reality. I couldn't be more thrilled with the results, and I'm already looking forward to working together in the future."  
Choux Bun Appetit