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Your website is the digital face of your business, making professional website design essential for success. Our holistic approach combines innovative design with seamless functionality, ensuring your site not only looks stunning but also drives tangible results.

From inception to launch and ongoing maintenance, we prioritise user experience, brand consistency, and strategic objectives. With a keen focus on mobile responsiveness, we guarantee your website performs flawlessly across all devices, enhancing reach and engagement.

As a leading design agency in Nottingham, we highly encourage combining our website design services with our expert branding and brand strategy services, to create a unified online identity that truly speaks to your audience. Our custom solutions are crafted just for you, giving you the edge you need in today’s competitive digital world. 

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Why is a well-designed website so important?

In today’s digital age, professional web design is crucial for businesses seeking to capture and retain the attention of online users. With an eye-catching and user-friendly website, you can effectively showcase your brand, products, and services, ultimately driving traffic, boosting conversions, and staying ahead of the competition in the online market.

The key benefits of a well-designed website

  • Enhanced online visibility and brand recognition
  • Improved user experience and customer engagement
  • Higher conversion rates and sales opportunities
  • Increased credibility and trustworthiness
  • Mobile responsiveness for broader audience reach
  • Competitive advantage in the digital marketplace

Why partner with Berlew?

Berlew Design Studio is a brand-first web design agency, meaning we consider how to utilise your brand so that your website is the best reflection of your business.

What we do.

When we work on a website, we always take your branding into consideration first, allowing us to develop a website that best represents your business. If required, we can create, tweak or overhaul your branding before applying it to your website to ensure optimal alignment with your business’s strategy.


You have seconds to make an impression on consumers, so a website that has a professional brand identity with personality will be crucial in getting consumers to continue their customer journey on your site. With saturated web results common for most industries, having a distinct brand identity applied to your site will be valuable for individuality and brand memorability.


  • Website accurately reflects your brand.
  • Brand-led web design choices.
  • Distinctive website that best represents your business.
  • Consistent brand presence across applications.
  • Brand becomes easily recognisable.
  • Increased credibility.

Our process for your website design

User-focussed design that generates customers for our customers.

Step 1


We kick off with a comprehensive discovery phase, delving deep into understanding your business, target audience, and objectives. Through meticulous discussions and analysis, we lay the foundation for a website that seamlessly aligns with your brand and objectives.

Step 2


Where creativity blends with functionality. We develop visually captivating and user-friendly designs that not only mirror your brand identity but also captivate your audience, ensuring an exceptional online journey.

Step 3


Once the design is perfected, we proceed to the activation phase, breathing life into your website. We ensure flawless functionality across all devices, optimising performance and enhancing user engagement.

Step 4

Ongoing support

Our commitment extends beyond launch. We offer ongoing support to keep your website up-to-date, secure and optimised for performance. From troubleshooting issues to implementing updates and providing training, we’re here to ensure your website’s continual success.

Pricing and fees?

Our Website design prices start at £750 but… We tailor our services to fit within your budget. Talk us through your project/business and we can discuss what you require. Drop us a message by hitting ‘work with us’ and we’ll be in touch to discuss your design endeavour and the associated costs. 

Who will be leading your project?

Lewis, the creative director of Berlew, is an award-winning designer with a 1st Class Graphic Design degree with a proven love for branding and web design. He has won two prestigious, international Awards, including the elusive White Pencil – given to “Exceptional projects that use the power of creativity to drive behavioural, environmental, societal or policy change”.

An example project cost breakdown

Every project is different. This is just to hopefully provide a rough guide on what a potential project could break down to.

Brand Design / Development
Web Design + Build
Website Handover Training
Hosting / Maintenance
From £25/month

our work

Amber Kelly Photography


“Thrilled with the exceptional branding and website design from Berlew Design Studio. Lewis and his team perfectly captured my business ethos, delivering a cohesive and visually stunning brand. Their professionalism, creativity, and attention to detail set them apart. Highly recommend!”

• Brand Strategy
• Brand Identity
• Web Design
• Web Activation


Mashworth Services


The service Berlew offered was outstanding, they inspected my existing websites, identified items for improvement and made pragmatic, operational and visual recommendations for a new website that were within my budget. The results are super and just what I needed!!! Thank you Lewis & Berlew Design Studio

• Web Design
• Web Activation


Pedro Gião Design


“Berlew truly brought my website vision to life flawlessly. Lewis and the team understood exactly what I needed, delivering outstanding results with their talent and dedication. I recommend Berlew for anyone seeking a top-notch service.”

• Web Design
• Web Activation


Fifth Element Systems


“Impeccable work by Berlew Design Studio on the branding and website design for my business. They demonstrated unparalleled professionalism and creative accuracy. They flawlessly translated our brand strategy into a sophisticated and visually striking brand. Highly recommend their expertise.”

• Brand Strategy
• Brand Identity
• Web Design
• Web Activation


Grow your business with impactful web design and branding

Our comprehensive website design services encompass website design and development as well as strategy, identity and ongoing brand management and support. Based in Nottingham’s city centre, our independent creative studio has the design expertise to equip your business with an impressive website that will leave a lasting impression.

Our full website design service will give you all the tools you need for your website to stand out from your competition and help you reach your target audience. During our website design services, we immerse ourselves in your business to help create a strong brand identity and website that communicates the core of who you are. 

Faqs on website design

Why is website design important?


Your website is a point of sale and promotes customer conversions. Benefits of a website include improved credibility, increased brand awareness, and a way for you to communicate your values and products to your audience. Also, it is noteworthy that most people prefer to shop online, so with websites accessible to consumers 24 hours per day, websites can be significant for business success.

How does website design affect user experience?


Website design significantly impacts user experience through various factors like visual appeal, navigation, usability, performance, consistency, trustworthiness, and emotional connection. At Berlew Design Studio, we understand the vital role that effective website design plays in shaping a positive user experience. Our team focuses on creating visually stunning, intuitive, and high-performing websites that engage users, facilitate efficient interactions, and foster trust in your brand.

Why chose Berlew Design Studio for your website?


We are a brand-first web design agency, meaning we consider how to utilise your brand identity so that your website is the best reflection of your business.

When we work on a website, we always take your branding into consideration first, allowing us to develop a website that best represents your business. If required, we can create, tweak or overhaul your branding before applying it to your website to ensure optimal alignment with your business’s brand strategy.


  • Website accurately reflects your brand
  • Brand-led website design choices
  • Distinctive website that best represents your business
  • Consistent brand presence
  • Brand becomes easily recognisable
  • Increased credibility

    Can I get a website within my budget?


    Yes. We tailor our services to fit within your budget. We are excited about all projects that hit our inbox, whether it’s branding for a passion project, website activation for a small start-up, or a rebrand for a well-established business. Talk us through your project/business and what you hope to achieve and we can discuss and agree on which services you require. Drop us a message by hitting ‘work with us’ and we’ll be in touch to discuss your design endeavour and the associated costs.

    How involved am I in the creation and running of my website?


    We understand that a website can be daunting, but fear not! Our expertise and experience mean we can take it off your plate. However, your involvement is paramount throughout the process. From the initial brief to the design phase and beyond, we value your input and collaboration. Your unique insights and preferences shape the direction of your website, ensuring it reflects your brand identity and goals. Even after your website is launched, we provide you with the tools and support necessary to manage and update your website, empowering you to stay connected with your online presence. Rest assured, we’re here to exceed your expectations and ensure your website evolves with your business.

    What website platform will my website be built on?


    We use the massively popular CMS platform called 'Wordpress' for all our websites. WordPress has many benefits but to list a few:

    • Secure and stable
    • Optimised for search engines
    • Well established - community suport
    • Fast and reliable

    Will I have access to my website?


    Yes absolutely, once your website project is completed we undertake a handover process where you'll be trained on how to make basic edits to your site. You'll have full admin.

    Which website design software is best?


    The 2 industry leaders are Adobe XD and Figma. We use Adobe throughout the other services we offer so XD is our website design software of choice. It allows us to create and share high fideality prototypes with our clients for approval.

    Will I be able to manage and make changes to my website?


    Yes. We support, but you will have the ability to make changes and manage your site should you chose to.

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    Let us be your partner in transforming your online presence into a powerful asset that drives growth and engagement. We are dedicated to crafting custom solutions tailored to your unique business needs, empowering you to stand out in the digital landscape.
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    We recommend that you have a solid brand strategy in place before the creation of your visual identity, that way we can ensure it resonates with your target consumer and make you stand out in your market. Berlew also offers web design, as an activation point for your branding which is often a point of sale.

    Brand Strategy

    Brand strategy consists of tone of voice, brand personality, brand values, messaging, storytelling, mission and vision. Your brand identity is made up of tangible assets and is essentially a way to externalise your brand strategy. That’s why it’s recommended clients opt to receive both brand strategy and brand identity at one time, to create a harmonious brand.
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