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We will audit your site for free

We will thoroughly examine your website URL, assessing various elements such as design, usability, and performance, all at no cost to you.

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Receive an email full of advice for your website

You’ll receive a detailed email with our findings and personalised recommendations. These insights will help you improve your website’s effectiveness and user experience.

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Implement our advice! No strings attached

Use our free advice to enhance your website. Should you wish to explore further improvements, we’re available to set up a project and work together on your site.

What is included in a website design audit?


You will receive a detailed email packed with insights, including an analysis of your website's design, usability, performance, and personalised recommendations for improvement.

How long does a website design audit take?


Our comprehensive audit is completed within 48 hours, ensuring you receive timely feedback and suggestions. Should there be an unexpected delay we will notify you immediately.

How much does a website design audit cost?


Our website design audit is completely free. If you decide to have us implement the changes or continue working with us, we can discuss the associated costs.

    Why is a website design audit important?


    A website design audit is crucial for receiving expert advice on improving your site's effectiveness, user experience, and overall performance.

    What are the benefits of a website design audit?


    The audit provides valuable insights into your site's strengths and weaknesses, helping you enhance its design, usability, and functionality, ultimately leading to better user engagement and satisfaction.

    Why an audit from Berlew?

    We are a design agency that focuses on how your brand’s design is utilised, ensuring your website is the best possible reflection of your business. Our comprehensive audits provide actionable insights to elevate your online presence.


    You have seconds to make an impression on consumers, so a well designed website that has a professional brand identity with personality will be crucial in getting consumers to continue their customer journey on your site. With saturated web results common for most industries, having a distinct website design will be valuable for individuality and brand memorability. Our audit will get your website on the right track for success.