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New Local Website: Mashworth Services

We are excited to direct your attention to the newly completed website for Mashworth Services.

The website design and development for a “highly recommended” Nottingham-based electrician was crafted with sleek, easily navigable design and features a high number of call-to-actions to aid customer conversions. 

Upon partnering with Mashworth Services, we were tasked with creating a new singular professional website for the electrician, whose two previous sites were outdated and creating confusion for potential customers. 

Designed with highly interactive features, a combination of content from both previous sites, and implementation of some extra ‘must-have’ features, we reimagined the site, employing our iconic creative flair. 

The new site features a cleaner design and has the Mashworth Services branding applied consistently across the entire site. We have also aided the business’s credibility and highlighted its established success by showcasing a high number of completed project photos, displayed in distinctive galleries. This is furthered by featuring an image of the business’s branded van in the hero of the website homepage, an image manipulated with the iconic brand bolt, creating a more attention-grabbing (or ‘striking’) homepage. A sticky header was also introduced to aid user navigation across the site, and to ensure the brand logo and contact details remain visible at all times. 

We recently pushed the site live, eliminating the confusion elicited from hosting two sites; a .com and a .co.uk. To further explain the significance of this business manoeuvre; two sites can cast doubt about business credibility and will do no favours for SEO; as each website likely lacks web pages and amount of content, therefore limiting keywords. Misalignment of information can also occur between two sites, such as services the business offers, causing hesitation in customer trust. Furthermore, it is unlikely that user-experience will be optimised due to the evident divide of time allocated to the upkeep and improvement of each site. Therefore, in choosing to turn two websites into one, Mashworth Services has aided its digital presence. 

We are happy to have helped a local business transform its online presence and look forward to our continued partnership in providing ongoing website maintenance. 

View the project by clicking: HERE

“The service they offered was outstanding, they inspected my existing websites, identified items for improvement and made pragmatic, operational and visual recommendations for a new website that were within my budget. The results are super and just what I needed!!! They worked unsociable hours that worked around my work pattern, not because I asked them to but because they identified these would be the most productive hours to deliver the project. Their knowledge and guidance on the technical aspects was a real help too. I needed my website to meet particular safety and privacy requirements which I had little understanding of and Lewis was able to direct me so I was able to complete these elements correctly. I would recommend you at least get in touch with Berlew Design Studio for any of your design and/ or branding requirements. In my experience you will get a first class experience and I will be returning to do further work on a suit of branded documents and and possibly an expansion to my website. Thank you Lewis & Berlew Design Studio”


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