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Celebrating 10 Years in Business


Where it all began… A family with entrepreneurial minds, Dad and Mum supporting Lewis and Amber, who spotted an opportunity to sell personalised mugs around the local area. Designed in MS word, printed and then heat sublimated onto mug blanks, the business began. Attending local craft fairs and by word of mouth, a small, gift emporium was born! Mugs quickly expanded to include t-shirts, mouse pads and clocks, to name a few. Before long they were the driving force behind a well-established list of personalised products.  Young enterprise had become possible. 

As time went on and they grew older, the usual life commitments for teenagers came about. Exams and school life drew this personalised selection to a close.   

During the covid pandemic and after getting exams out of the way, Berlew was reborn; making a comeback as a fully-fledged design studio. Lewis wanted to make good use of new knowledge and had plenty of ideas on how to change and grow the business. Berlew is ever evolving and over the years has now matured into a full service design studio, capable of creating impactful brands, focused on personalised design and making a difference to other businesses.

Watch this space for future developments!

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